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Wear our CallMeDutch.Com logo Tee everywhere you go. Here is your chace to own a shirt with the word "HOROLOGICAL" printed on back. A real conversation starter*.
Stonewashed Green Hanes 50/50 Tagless® T-Shirt silkscreened with our logo of a Pennsylvania Dutch watchmaker listening to a pocket watch against a hex sign dial background and our CallMeDutch.Com banner. The back says "WATCHES - JEWELRY, HOROLOGICAL SUPPLIES"
Show everyone you shop at one of the coolest watchmaker's shops on the web. Buy a watchmaker T-Shirt for all your horological friends.
If you are a Dutchman you need this shirt.

* hor·o·log·i·cal
Of or relating to the art of making instruments for indicating time
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CallMeDutch Logo Tee
Watchmaker T-Shirt