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Can I pay you with a check?
No. Paypal only. If you do not have a Paypal account you can pay with a credit card at the paypal checkout.

How do I get a combined shipping cost?
If you pay the required total at checkout and your package ships for less than the postage you paid you will receive a Paypal refund. The excess charge will be refunded at shipping time.

What is NOS?
NOS stands for New Old Stock. It is old stock that has not been sold or used. NOS parts are parts that were made a long time ago but have not been used yet.

Why is the item I searched no longer listed?
The item was sold and taken out of inventory. The search engine you used may not have updated it's sitemap since the sale.

Why is the international shipping charge so high?
The automaticly generated total is set to cover the highest price that may be charged for international shipping. The excess charge will be refunded at shipping time, sometimes this can be up to 50%.