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L&R Cleaning Machine Replacement Bulb

L&R Cleaning Machine Replacement Bulb Image

Replacement bulb for the L&R Master Watch Cleaning Machine.

If you have an L&R watch cleaning machine and the heater doesn't work it may just be caused by a blown bulb. The bulb is part of the heater circuit and, like a fuse, prevents the circuit from working if blown. If the lamp on the control panel does not light when the heater switch is on this bulb can solve your problem.

You can run around trying to find the correct replacement lamp but the electrical store personel won't know what you are talking about. I have them in stock. Get your L&R heating element working again for a few dollars.

Here's a Tip: Use a wad of Rodico to remove and replace the lamp on your L&R Master. It is difficult to grasp otherwise.

Your Price:$3.00